Magazine or Newspaper? What’s the difference?

Published: 18th February 2010
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The differences between writing for a magazine and newspaper can be explained quite simply - while the latter tends to focus on the news of the day, the former is more concerned with 'features' and editorial content.

Put in a simpler context, the restraints surrounding the newspaper journalist are far tighter than those writing for the magazine. This can easily be seen by comparing the two - pick up a daily newspaper and a weekly magazine of a specific genre, and you will see immediately how the styles, subjects and content differ.

Further differences apply in the deadlines required for submitted work. A newspaper that is a daily will undoubtedly want work submitted very quickly and for a print deadline that is vital, whereas a magazine will have something of a longer deadline to its submissions.

There are differences, too, in the requirements not just from journalists - the regular reporters - but from the columnists who write for the publications. If you are looking for work with local publications you may be investigating the possibility of writing a regular column for a newspaper or magazine.

In local newspapers these tend to take the form of reviews or of comment on local issues, and can be a stepping stone to greater things. Where magazines are concerned there is less of a wide open door, for the local press tends to be geared towards the weekly newspaper.

However, if your speciality is in a particular specific area - something you are familiar with and knowledgeable about - then you may wish to investigate the possibility of becoming a columnist for a magazine that publishes in that area. There are options for this, but the trick is to make sure you understand the sometimes strict application and submission requirements - these can be obtained from the offices of the publication itself.

Despite the advent of the internet the stories of the demise of print are farfetched; both the newspaper and magazine columnist have a long life ahead of them.

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